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Room Rates - 1000, 1100, 1200 UAH.



    Hotel and restaurant “On the Lake” wouldn’t be complete without a sauna. And you can think for a moment that there’s nothing unusual, but…
    But our sauna is exactly that special zest, which gives extra flavor, peculiar beauty and rare pleasure to leisure time at hotel and restaurant “On the Lake”.
    After spending two days-off with your telephone switched off in hotel and restaurant “On the lake” and after visiting our sauna, you’ll feel like you’ve spent two weeks abroad. We can confidently say that it was checked more then once.
    Visit us and feel all advantages of complete rest.
In sauna we have:
-    Swimming pool with heating and stream
-    Hydro massage
-    Lounge
-    Microwave
-    Plates and dishes
-    Electric kettle
-    Finish sauna
-    Calmness and balance
-    Total relax

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