f Hotel in Lviv - Na Ozeri

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Room Rates - 1000, 1100, 1200 UAH.



The idea of restaurant and hotel foundation appeared in our minds very easily. And we had to make a considerable effort to realizm our dreams. At least the same is with bringing up children, which is very responsible and complicated work.
And were so happy now to see and feel, that our creation hotel and restaurant On the Lake turned into small country estate with outdoor stage, calm and quite hotel, which is perfect home place for our guests. Exactly home place, as soon as you visit hotel and restaurant even for several hours, youll feel the warmth of home.
This warmth we were sincerely giving while building and putting into order hotel and restaurant On the Lake. And now all that warmth hotel and restaurant gives to you to our guests.
Welcome to hotel and restaurant On the Lake. Youll feel real hospitality here. And warmth of home atmosphere will bring you real rest.

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